Haute Luxe began in 2016 by Owner and Founder Dani Love-Diaz.  Dani was inspired to create an affordable trendy line for every day woman from all facets of life. The Fashionista, the Classic gal, Sexy, Casual Chic' and the Professional.   The online boutique quickly gained steam in Denver from the many Fashion shows the label was featured in. 

In 2018 we decided to expand our brand and create the label, LUXE.  LUXE celebrates luxury, quality and high fashion for both Men and Women. In 2019 we pronounced that it was time to open up a retail location. We opened up a beautiful and unique 3,200 sqft Fashion House called Beauty & Beast, Denver's Fashion House in Cherry Creek, Denver. 






Due to Covid in early 2020 the store was short lived, we shut down the businesses. We are happy to announce that we are re-launching one of those labels Haute Luxe and will be phasing out LUXE (all LUXE items on clearance). 

Fashion and People are our passion. God gave us the ability to be apart of lives every day in self expression. We are so happy you stopped by to learn about us and hope Haute Luxe can also become a house hold name in your home. 

Beauty & Beast Fashion House

Dani-Love Diaz   303 Magazine photo shoot at B&BFH